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Spirit Flute 'A' Native American Style Flute - Spanish Cedar

Spirit Flute 'A' Native American Style Flute - Spanish Cedar

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Crafted from Spanish Cedar, a softwood renowned for its qualities, the Spirit Flute 440 Hz Traditional flute in the key of 'A' minor embodies a handcrafted masterpiece. This material imparts a deep and rich musical voice to the flute, characterised by warm high notes and resonant low tones.  Made in Arizona, USA. 

The flute's compact and streamlined design ensures portability, allowing you to take it anywhere effortlessly. The short mouthpiece not only minimises moisture buildup but also generates ample back-pressure, enhancing clarity in the higher register notes.

High Spirit Flutes are meticulously sealed with non-toxic oils, producing a warm, resonant, and full voice. With a length of approximately 14 inches (35.6 cm), this flute is tailored for ease of play, making it an excellent choice for first-time players.

This six-hole flute comes with an included leather hole cover for the third hole from the top, as illustrated in the product images. Placing the cover on the third hole simplifies the learning process, and it can be easily untied and removed, offering the player the flexibility to use the instrument as either a five-hole or six-hole flute.

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