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First Hawk 'A' Native American Style Flute - Spanish Cedar

First Hawk 'A' Native American Style Flute - Spanish Cedar

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The First Hawk flute is specifically designed for beginners, providing an ideal instrument for those starting their musical journey. Tailored characteristics make it conducive for an enjoyable learning experience while establishing essential skills that pave the way for playing larger and deeper-toned flutes. Made in Arizona, USA. 

Measuring at a length of 17.6 inches or 44.45 cm, this flute is crafted with considerations for finger-hole size and diameter, ensuring its suitability for new players. Tuned to the key of A minor, it offers versatility by enabling players to explore the relative major diatonic scale in the key of C. Additionally, it harmonises seamlessly with our other flutes in the key of 'A' minor.

The flute features six holes, and we provide an included leather hole cover designed for the third hole from the top, as depicted in the product images. Using this cover on the third hole simplifies the learning process. The leather cover can be easily untied and removed, allowing the player the flexibility to use the flute as either a five hole or a six hole instrument.

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